About us

DINALAGAJINA, Inc. is an Italian multinational association that engages in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing and worldwide sales of apparel, footwear, event design, design of alcoholic equipment and services.

The world headquarters of the DINALAGAJINA brand and of the company are located in Rome, Italy, in the metropolitan area of ​​the Center (IT), in Circ. Clodia 163/171 00195 Rome Tax Code – VAT number 01877120434, Share capital $100,000.00 – REA: RM 1460755 Mail: info@texcontract.it, the Dinalagajina brand is distributed by the company Tex Italy srl in Italy.

In addition to its own brand, Tex Italy srl sells its hotel textile products under the registered trademark, TEXCONTRACT, a brand known worldwide for the Hotel, Restaurant, Club, Beach Club sector.

The Tex Italy srl laboratory, Tex world OOD, for over 5 years, has been providing information, consultancy in the tourist accommodation field, Fashion with proven successes with which they help to promote performance innovations throughout the Texcontract, & Dinalagajina brand.

“Our function is to provide knowledge and insight.  We are the global archive of performance science and human potential “, says Gianluca Crocetti, founder of the Italian and European company with headquarters in Sofia called Tex World OOD.

The laboratory team is made up of more than 5 researchers in different nationalities and disciplines.

The mission of Dinalagajina Inc. is to lead product innovation for people who want to do it all over the world.  Countless ideas are being tested to improve world entertainment, reducing the stress-related problems of the contemporary era with various related risks, improving perception and sensation, and delivering innovative products to people of all social classes.

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