How was Dina born?

Dinalagajina is the dream of MEK KLAINE, a New York viveur who alternates the frantic monotony of the Mahanattan offices with the euphoria of clubs. The night is a game of opportunity, a bet for new horizons and, of course, a safe space of freedom and warm colors to forget the greyness of the day. Dinalagajina was born on August 18, 2018. It seems an evening like many others, drowned in a beer with friends in a club in the center, but the stars of the night are unpredictable and so Mek Klaine finds himself betting in front of slots sipping champagne at will in company of friends and beautiful girls. They take pictures, tell stories, dream of worlds. Mac Kleine wins all bets. His champagne eyes see dollars raining everywhere, but it won’t be all that luck that will change his life. Next to the slot there is a point game, perhaps for children, perhaps for animals. It’s late, tomorrow morning there is work, but in the face of such a useless game, Mek Klaine wants to go all the way in honor of the ephemeral, so hilarious in spite of duty. Play and win this time too. A rubber hen to give to her dog darted from the prize window. A singular, nice hen, perhaps the real star of the evening. It deserves a name: “Dina” and two words of welcome.
With Dina in his pocket, amused and drunk Mek Klaine retires to his humble apartment in Harlem, far from the lights of Manhattan. It is four in the morning and in a few hours the day arrives, with work and routine. He closes his eyes and enters the dream through a mirror in which to admire his metamorphosis. Mek Klaine sees her face transform into Dina. Then you look. It is a luxury dress by DINALAGAJINA: shoes, T-SHIRt, shorts, glasses. He turns and there is a beer on the table, a DINALAGAJINA double malt. Enthusiastic about his look and with a lot of money in his pocket from the night before, he gets into a super car. And take a tour of the parties in Miami, Dubay, Milan, Amsterdam, Sofia, Istanbul eating caviar, food of the highest quality, immersed in extraordinary events where the fusion of prestige and wealth are the points of an extraordinary beauty of the locations.
DINALAGAJINA thus becomes the DREAM of a better and possible life for everyone.

What does Dinalagajina sell?

Dinalagajina sells clothing, alcohol, sweets, events, of all kinds..

Who invented the Dinalagajina brand?

Dinalagajina was born from a playful invention that meets the entrepreneurial intuition of the young man Crocetti Gianluca.

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